Freelance and Special Projects

I freelance for several different types of events. From tech managing at athletic events to directing and producing live shows, I have many different skills that I can use in different environments. Listed are just a hand-full of my experiences.

Director/Technical Director

Tech Manager, Remote Ops

I work operations and I am a tech manager for the University of Florida during spring sports such as softball, baseball and lacrosse. I serve as the on-site engineer, as well as set up and strike all equipment.

Master Control Operator

I supervised four channels on air and regulated Crispin automation logs. I completed regular quality control reports, recorded weather and news segments, and edited sponsorship promos for upcoming shows using Adobe Premiere Pro.

UF College of Journalism: Division of Media Properties

Producer and Director

Freelance Sports Broadcasting

SEC ESPN Network- direct UF swimming and diving (Tier 2 shows), technical direct UF basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, and lacrosse on a 2.5 M/E Grass Valley Kayak (Tier 1 and Tier 2 shows)

UF Homecoming Parade

I was a producer and director for the 2017 UF Homecoming Parade. I produced a 15-minute live pre-show and directed the 90 minute parade that followed, both below. It aired on WUFT-TV and was streamed live on Facebook, where it received over 68,000 views, over 600 shares, and almost 400 comments (all positive!)

TEDxUF Conference

I produced and directed the livestream for TEDxUF. I was responsible for coordinating with TED staff, putting together a crew, working with engineers to build an on-site control room, and producing/directing the live show.

Pre-show (Producer)

Parade (Director)

Sound of the Seasons Concert

I produced and directed a 1 hour live-to-tape orchestra performance for WUFT-TV, the local PBS affiliate. There were 3 hard cameras and 1 RF handheld. I was also responsible for building the on-site control room and organizing the crew.

Video Coming Soon

Daktronics- technical direct UF football, volleyball, basketball, and gymnastics on a 2 M/E Ross Carbonite and a 2.5 M/E Grass Valley Kayak (video board shows)

Laurel Biddy

News Producer and Director

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